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One Step Closer to Publishing

Well, after being on submission for a little over four weeks, I finally received (well, technically, my agent received) a response. My first one. And guess what? It was a “no thank you.” Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? A little. But honestly, it’s not like I expected to receive a “yes please” right out of the gate. It would’ve been nice of course, but realistically, I knew it wouldn’t happen.

I will say this, however––I forgot what the rejection feels like. After being out of the query trenches for two months, I forgot how it stings and awakens any self-doubt, wondering, “Will it ever happen?” Again, I know it’s only the first “no thank you.” There are many more to follow, and it only takes one yes. And a no is one step closer to that yes. Still, I hope this go around, I can only afford a really cheap bottle of champagne! But in the meantime…

I am 25% through writing the first draft of my third novel. I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Writing Novel Month), an annual event in which writers commit to writing 50,000 words from November 1 thru November 30. Hefty goal? Absolutely, but if I do it, my manuscript will be almost finished at the end with only a few thousand more words to finish it. And that motivates me to sit in the chair and write every day. But…

Life may get in the way. I am scheduled to have shoulder surgery this week (rotator cuff), and I’m telling you all this not to incite sympathy or healing wishes, but because if I don’t post for a while, it’s because I can’t. You might be wondering then how I can possibly write 50,000 words. I handwrite my first draft, not type. And since it’s my left shoulder being repaired, I can still write with my right hand. Thank goodness. But these posts are typewritten, requiring two hands.

So, although I plan to continue to write while recuperating (and after a few days, I’m sure boredom will set in), typing is up in the air. If I can prop my computer on my lap, keeping my shoulder set in position while on the couch, then I’ll return to posting. But if I can’t, and I haven’t posted for a while, you’ll know why.

And maybe, just maybe, by the time I return to posting, I’ll have some good news to share!

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