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My Newest Book Recommendation

Yep. That’s right. I finished another book. I told you I read through them pretty quickly! But after finishing this one, my intention is to slow down a bit. We’ll see. It depends on what great new adventure I want to dive into!

My latest read was The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand. At first, I had trouble getting into it because there were so many characters introduced early on; I had trouble keeping track of everyone. But once the story evolved and I learned who was who, I dove in.

The story is about a hotel in Nantucket (shocking, I know!) that has changed ownership numerous times throughout the years because of the haunting stigma. But that all changes when a multimillion-dollar mogul from England purchases the hotel, renovates it, and hires a local woman, Lizbert, whose love life has recently fallen apart, to manage it. She, in turn, hires an eclectic mix of employees––misfits thrown together, each one of them harboring a secret.

Occupancy starts slow thanks to one consistent guest: Grace the ghost, who we get to know throughout the book (She may have been one of my favorite characters). While trying to lure in more guests, the hotel is also trying to earn 5 keys from a social media influencer who travels the world, rating hotels. While no other hotel has achieved such status, the new owner of The Hotel Nantucket is determined to be the first.

This book combines romance, mystery, and humor and is the perfect summer read. And since I finished it in three days, I’d say it was a winner. Enjoy!

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