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Often, Kindle will run a special on specific titles, offering select books at a deep discount. The Lying Game, by Ruth Ware (author of The It Girl and The Woman In Cabin 10), was on sale recently for $1.99, so I downloaded it.

The story is about four women who’d attended the same boarding school and were notorious for playing “The Lying Game,” telling lies at every chance, racking up points for each one. The women are reunited when something terrible turns up along the beach seventeen years later. After hiding the truth for so long, the women’s past has returned to haunt them.

I’m only 50% through the book, but I highly recommend it. Ruth Ware’s ability to build tension and suspense will make you turn the pages to uncover the dark secret lurking beneath the surface. And as a bonus, it was a Reese’s Book Club pick!

***UPDATE*** I finished the book and although it was decent, I must say it wasn’t my favorite. The ending disappointed me, but this helped me remember just how subjective it really all is: what one person loves may not be what another person does––a lesson I need to constantly remind myself as I receive “no thank you’s” from literary agents. Not everyone is going to connect to every book and that’s okay.

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