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Those Three Little Words

My guy is a great man. He really is. He has the biggest heart I know and would do anything for anybody anytime. But, like most men, he isn’t very verbal with his feelings. Nobody is perfect, right? We have been together for over 8 years. Hard to imagine. 8 years. We did not rush into anything. Both being previously divorced, we wanted to take things slow. One of us moved slower than the other.

We had been together for over three years and I really longed to hear my those three little words. I kept bringing it up, making it known just how important they are to me. It kept falling on deaf ears. No matter how much I pushed the issue, he just wouldn’t say them to me. I felt sad. Disappointed. Angry.

How could he not say them to me? I mean it had been 3 years. 3 freaking years and not once were they said to me. I was just about to give up and then one day, out of the blue, he finally said them to me. And I will never forget where we were when it happened.

We were driving home from shopping. We were leaving a nearby plaza where you used to be able to turn left into the center lane of a divided highway. He kept telling me you can’t turn left. I kept telling him you can. We went round and round about it as he was driving the long way out of the plaza. Finally I said, “Fine, go ahead and see if you can’t. Try and go out that way”. So he did.And that’s when it happened. As we pulled up to that intersection and the sign DID NOT say, “No left turn”, he looked directly into my eyes and said those three words that I had longed to hear for so dang long, “I was wrong”.

I gasped. I blinked in amazement. My heart skipped a beat. It had happened. It had finally happened! I was right. And it only took 3 years. To this day, I don’t hear those words often. He doesn’t like to overuse them. He doesn’t want them to lose their impact. But when I do hear them, oh how I treasure them each and every time. But deep down, I know it happens more times then he cares to admit.

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