The Many Hats We Wear

classic fashion shot

I am a mom tried and true
Tough as nails through and through
There is no time for rest or the weary
Because our job is all but dreary.
We tend, we fix, we mend, we care.
Oh the many hats we wear.

Did you know all you can do?
From chef to nurse to chauffeur, too
Our jobs never stop, we go all day
No time for breaks, sleep, or play.
We cook, we tutor, we make them share.
Oh the many hats we wear.

We plan, we schedule, and coordinate, too.
We enforce, mediate, and always make do.
We protect, we hug, we kiss, we provide
We always make sure every tear is dried.
We remain neutral so that we are fair,
Oh the many hats we wear.

Why do we do this, why you ask?
Because we are moms and this is our task.
We do it for love and not for the pay
We do it each and every day.
From fixing boo-boo’s to untangling hair,
Oh the many hats we wear.

No time for us, but don’t despair
You’re not alone, I promise, I swear.
We’re in this together through thick and thin,
For no one is in it really to win,
For we are moms who truly care,
Oh, the many hats we wear.