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  • I Know I Am An American

    This summer I crossed something off my bucket list: Traveling overseas to Europe. I loved experiencing different countries and different cultures. However, it made me realize how Americanized I really am. Here is why: ICE: I need ice for my drinks. Not a cube, not two cubes, but a whole lot of ice. Doesn’t happen… Continue reading I Know I Am An American

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  • You Are Not Selfish

    You are a mom. You are busy. You are pulled in a million different directions. You go 100 mph per day. You get zero downtime. Even when your little ones are napping or at school, you are cleaning, prepping, washing, picking up, you know, catching up on all the other things that have gone by… Continue reading You Are Not Selfish

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  • The Many Hats We Wear

    I am a mom tried and true Tough as nails through and through There is no time for rest or the weary Because our job is all but dreary. We tend, we fix, we mend, we care. Oh the many hats we wear. Did you know all you can do? From chef to nurse to chauffeur, too… Continue reading The Many Hats We Wear

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