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  • No Rest For The Weary Writer

    No Rest For The Weary Writer

    Apparently, I never updated you with the latest news on my journey to publication. So here it is: Inexperienced in the whole process, from querying to publishing, I had no idea what to expect once I signed on with an agent. I’ve heard and read stories about how long it usually takes to tweak/rework/rewrite/revise/edit a… Continue reading No Rest For The Weary Writer

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  • Writing Deadlines

    Writing Deadlines

    When I started my journey to publication, I had no idea how long it would take to write a novel. Seeing as I’d never written a full-length manuscript before, what did I know? Since the story percolated in my brain for years, it came out quickly. Only took me three months. My second manuscript took… Continue reading Writing Deadlines

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  • The Best Bet I Ever Lost

    The Best Bet I Ever Lost

    Eighteen months ago, I sat down and started writing my first novel. With no idea of what I was doing, I put my fingers on the keyboard, and suddenly, the blank screen filled with words. And then, another screen filled up and so on and so forth until three months later, I completed the manuscript.… Continue reading The Best Bet I Ever Lost

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